Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Nearly There!!!

KGNS Kesgrave Bandstand

Well…..what a great turnout for our meeting last Wednesday and what fun we had! Signed up and CRB checked volunteers received their ID cards, new volunteers filled in their CRB forms and had their photos taken for ID cards, and everyone asked plenty of questions and got plenty of answers. What’s more we had some budding Thespians who couldn’t resist adding a few extra complications as we role played a few scenarios of requests for help.

We all agreed that we had enough core volunteers to launch into action so the committee are steaming away in the back ground sorting out funding, insurance, volunteer manuals, phone rotas and the like. We hope to be ready to go around mid August so watch this space!

The photo above is of the event celebrating the anniversary of Kesgrave Bandstand – we hope we can do our little bit, along with all the other great community organisations in Kesgrave, to build our community.

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