Monday, 1 October 2012

Find Out The Latest News On Wednesday 3rd October

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It’s just a few weeks since our launch date and there’s been lots of progress. Existing volunteers can find out what’s new and potential new volunteers can find out a little more about us. We’re hoping to have a volunteer from the Wickham Market Good Neighbour Scheme to come and tell us how they’re scheme has progressed since they started it up, quite a long time before ours, and we’ll be discussing how best to forge stronger links with other community and help groups. Tea, coffee and perhaps some cake too if we all put our baking aprons on! Our scheme covers all age groups and our volunteers come from all walks of life so it’s also a great opportunity to meet some more neighbours.

Our meetings generally last about an hour but there’s plenty of time to chat afterwards if anyone wants to collar a committee member, or just wants to chat with their neighbours!

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