Friday, 13 April 2012

Welcome To The Blog Of The Kesgrave Good Neighbour Scheme


First of all, please note that we are not a fully fledged Good Neighbour Scheme yet but we’re getting there fast. We call ourselves the Kesgrave Good Neighbour Scheme Working Party (when we can get that out of our mouths properly!) and we have been working with Suffolk Acre for the last few months to get set up properly. At the moment we are in the survey stage – trying to establish needs and resources in Kesgrave. There are survey forms and collection points all over town and we’re also delivering forms to our neighbours for them to complete at their leisure at home and drop off to their nearest collection point or ask for them to be collected.

The above picture shows our stand at last month’s Kesgrave Market where we chatted to plenty of neighbours who were almost all very excited about the scheme and filled in plenty of survey forms.

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