Friday, 13 April 2012

What’s It All About?!


Here’s how we described it on the front of the survey form:

With the assistance of Suffolk ACRE, people in Kesgrave are considering launching a Good Neighbour Scheme aimed at helping to make life easier for people in this community and especially the elderly, although the scheme could help all age groups.

A Good Neighbour Scheme revolves around a group of volunteers who can help in a number of ways: by giving a lift, by checking a smoke alarm or changing a light bulb, by fixing a tap, by tidying a garden, by befriending someone who is lonely or new to Kesgrave. There are many other ways in which the scheme can help people.

You may need help from the scheme, or perhaps you may like to volunteer to help others. Volunteers can use the scheme too.


A core group of volunteers take turns to hold the scheme’s dedicated mobile phone.

They are backed up by a team of volunteers who agree to help in one or more of the ways listed in the questionnaire overleaf.

The telephone number of the scheme is made known throughout the community and any resident in genuine need can call for help of the kind mentioned in the questionnaire.

Each call is matched to an appropriate volunteer.


Please fill in the questionnaire overleaf and return to one of the following collection points: Penzance Road Post Office, Post Office — Main Road, The Birches Medical Centre, Kesgrave Library, Town Council Offices, The Bell, Kesgrave Community Centre, Alice Grange.

Alternatively one of your neighbours may call to collect the form.

If you have any questions go to or call the scheme working party mobile 074451 66993.

Suffolk ACRE Ltd Registered Charity No 1062038. A company limited by guarantee.

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